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The name Bob Johnson is almost synonymous with high-volume when it comes to vehicle sales in Rochester, NY. High-volume comes with many things, including a multitude of trade-ins, lease returns, and other acquired vehicles. Every pre-owned vehicle that comes through any of the 8 Bob Johnson locations, is first inspected by the Bob Johnson Certified Collection. This location receives the right of first refusal on all pre-owned vehicles. Only the best-of-the-best will pass our selection process. Ultimately, we look for vehicles with a great history of maintenance and long-term ownership with minimal and delicate use.

Once the vehicle has been deemed “qualified” for the Bob Johnson Certified Collection, we then begin the 172-Point Inspection process. During this process, we have a Certified Technician go through the vehicle thoroughly and replace any part that looks or feels excessively worn. Our goal is to provide a vehicle that boasts both QUALITY and LONGEVITY.

We then move on to visually enhancing the vehicle. A trained detailer will start by thoroughly cleaning and hand waxing the exterior of the vehicle followed by a detailed cleaning of the interior which also includes shampooing all carpeting, seats, and headliner.